Tarot Myth-Busting #2

Myth: Tarot is Evil/ Satanic/ Black Magic.

Truth: Tarot is simply a deck of cards.

With respect to the rich spectrum of belief systems, there is nothing evil about using tarot. It is simply a deck of 78 cards, each with a place in a timeline of the human experience.

The readers I choose to align my work with use tarot from a place of support and encouragement. We use it to provide clarity to folx who are struggling to find their way forward. We use it to gently guide people towards a place of healing. We illuminate blind spots in ourselves and others so that we may move forward in a strong, compassionate way.

Of course, anyone can use the tarot and while I have not heard of anyone using it to ring up demons for their party, I can say that I have heard of tarot being used in ways that are incredibly insensitive. I have heard several accounts of people going to a tarot reader and having left with dread and fear. It is not unheard of for a reader to turn the cards over, gasp and claim that they can’t finish the reading, leaving the person who sought their guidance sick with fear about what was coming. If there is potential “evil” that can be associated with tarot, it lies with the reader.

Most of the above accounts were before the age of the internet so now we can learn more about a reader before seeking their services. While I don’t know if those examples could be classified as “evil,” I will assert that it is definitely “irresponsible.” Most tarot readers have descriptions on their approach as well as videos and/or writing that you can look at to see if they feel like a good fit for you. If you aren’t sure, ask them! If you are looking for a particular kind of reading, the good news is there are as many tarot readers available as there are decks. With online interactions becoming the new normal, you are not limited to a reader in your area, so poke around.

Summary: The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards illustrating, or suggesting various aspects of the human experience. Because anyone can use the tarot, I suspect you can find people who are using it for darker purposes, but it is simply a tool that can be used for so much good. Try not to let fear turn you away from a tool that has quite literally saved my life.

Until our paths cross again…

2 thoughts on “Tarot Myth-Busting #2”

  1. Hello, I got into Tarot to inspire me in my journaling. I also noticed that I’ve been braver (in a way) in confronting some issues in my life. I agree that Tarot is just a tool much like kitchen knives (both beneficial and dangerous) and it’s up to us how we’re going to use it. I’m glad I found your blog! 😊


    1. Hi there! I love that you came to tarot for journaling! It is one of !y favourite ways to use it too. It makes me so happy to hear that you found courage in it as well. Your kitchen knives metaphor will definitely stay with me-I love it! 😊 Thank you so much for visiting and for taking time to comment. I really appreciate that. 💜


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