10 – The Wheel of Fortune

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Please note that this series of interpretations is intended to assist specifically in personal healing and shadow work. There are many incredible websites that offer traditional meanings and correspondences. 

Charles Darwin believed that it would not be the strongest species that would survive, but the one most adaptable to change. We humans are not known for this trait, although some of the more enlightened of us have embraced it entirely.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that change is indeed constant. Everything in our life works in cycles from the seasons, our relationships with others, and our own aging and mortality.  In witchcraft, many of us honor and celebrate all stages of life: the maiden, the mother, and the crone. We believe that all stages are equally important to our self-actualization. This is important to keep in mind when our personal “seasons” are experiencing turmoil. It is at this point when we are likely depleted of the capacity to recall that Spring will follow Winter as it always does. The beauty of it is that life is rich because of the contrast. Despite our resistance to challenges, without them, we would lose sight of the times that deserve our deepest gratitude.

While the Wheel of Fortune often suggests an upswing of luck and a positive turn in our current situation, I feel it is helpful to consider both sides of the wheel in regards to our healing. There are times when we feel on top of the wheel and there are times when we will feel flattened by it. If we can find a way to make peace with the low swing of the wheel and embrace when the wheel is at its highest we learn to thrive regardless of external circumstances. It is not only important to remember that things will get better, but it is also helpful to be prepared that the good times are not infinite–but the universe has got you–let go and trust.

The Wheel of Fortune is also a karmic reminder that the way we conduct ourselves will have consequences. In this way, if we focus on sending out that which we hope to receive, we will be far more successful. What is it you want most of all? What has been preventing this from happening? Where are your blocks? Often we are the ones sabotaging our own success without realizing it. In your heart, have you accepted just how worthy you are of all of the delights that await the upturn of the wheel? If not, are you being too critical or do you need to rethink the energy you are putting out?

Whatever the reason that the message of this card has shown up in your life, it is a reminder that things are changing whether you wish them to or not. If you can learn to surrender to this you can find an internal peace that takes many of us a lifetime if we are lucky to find it at all. It might be helpful to journal about ways you have managed life changes in the past. I would also invite you to recall something in your life that was completely out of your control and intensely challenging. After some time had passed and healing had begun its gentle embrace, were you able to extract the lesson? Most challenging times, no matter how heartbreaking, will hold valuable information for us about ourselves and our response to the world.

You are loved, supported, and deserving. Be open to those who want to help when you need it and offer help to others when you can. It will all come full circle in the end. Trust.

“I don’t know how much we will rise,” I say stoutly. “And I have no fear of falling.
He looks at me. “You are ambitious to rise?”
“We are all on fortune’s wheel,” I say. “Without a doubt we will rise. We may fall. But still I have no fear of it.”
― Philippa Gregor

Until our paths cross again…

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