01 – The Magician

Please note that this series of interpretations is intended to assist specifically in personal healing and shadow work. There are many incredible websites that offer traditional meanings and correspondences. 

Do you realize that you have all of the tools you need to begin your own healing? Often we look everywhere but inside to see what is missing, to see what is broken, to see what has been lost. If we are not kind to ourselves and at peace with our own company, we will never be able to find that through someone or something else. 

The Magician embodies our ego and our sense of self. With one arm raised and one pointing towards the earth, he reminds us: “As above, so  below” but perhaps on our healing journeys, we can consider: “As inner peace is found, outer peace can be discovered.” Can we recognize that if we were to find somebody, something, or some way to “fix” what is hurting inside of us, it would only be temporary as no one has that power to heal ourselves but us?

The Magician brings us raw energy and the capacity to move forward. He represents the will, so although you have all of the resources you need, you must have the intent to use the skills at your disposal. Harness these internal gifts and set your intention. What do you really want? Remember: you are so much stronger than you realize.

When was the last time you felt fully equipped to deal with what you had been handed? Is there a time when you were tempted to crumble under pressure but instead took a moment to recalibrate and stand in your power? Try journaling about both ends of the spectrum–a time when you felt powerless and a time when you found your strength. What was different about the time you were able to get your legs under you? How can you carry that with you to be better prepared next time life throws you a sucker punch?

While you are pondering this, consider this Buddhist quote: 

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

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