Tarot Essentials:

“Going in to Tarot Essentials, I had very little experience with Tarot and no idea what to expect. I was in for a really wonderful surprise week after week. This course is packed with so much informative and thought-provoking material which was insightfully organized and presented in a way I found very relatable. The invitation activities, which are included with each section, were quite fun work and absolutely deepened my connection with the content. I think these thoughtful prompts will prove valuable even beyond this course.  Carrie shares her knowledge and experience generously but also makes space and invites participants to explore and draw upon their own. Tarot Essentials gave me opportunity to look inward and consider with curiosity rather than criticism and to venture where before I would hesitate. I had that lightbulb realization moment so often that it began to feel less like a single switch flipped on, and more that I was tapping right in to the current that generates the power. What a gift it is to be guided to connect with our own intuition, and find the strength and resource that is within at present. I completely credit Carrie’s supportive guidance in helping me make a meaningful connection with Tarot practice. I plan to revisit the course materials and believe I will find much more growth, increased clarity, and broader perspective which will all be very helpful tools as I continue on my journey.” 

-Teresa Hiebert

Tarot Essentials:

“I was brand new to tarot when I took Reawaken in fall/winter 2020, I had never touched a tarot deck so I was starting at zero. The class gave me really good background on what tarot is and proper tools to learn. There are a lot of people offering to teach tarot out there and I just happen to be lucky enough to take Carrie’s class. She really knows the cards and has a holistic loving approach to her teaching. I found her very authentic in what she brought forward. I’m happy I have access to the content so I can go back and re-read or re-listen when I need to. I have enjoyed the two of the authors books she recommended too. I highly recommend her in to others looking to learn tarot.”

-Cherie Savoie Tintary

Tarot Essentials:

“I really enjoyed the course and how Carrie presents the material in a grounded, genuine and kind way. The course is very detailed but the information is broken down into easily comprehendible sections. I also really love that I have ongoing access to the course even after it is completed. This has allowed me to go at my own pace and manage those interrupting, unexpected life events, then get back to the course when I can. The course is really well adapted to beginners, Tarot curious and even to those who want to read Tarot more professionally. I would highly recommend Tarot Essentials with Carrie!!”

-Catherine Dawn

“I was new to tarot cards, but felt compelled to try it. I’m so glad I did!

I was a little nervous, to be honest, but the whole experience was so gentle and un-hocus-pocus-y. I wondered if it would be spooky. It wasn’t. I wondered if it would be fortune telling. It wasn’t.

It was an eye-opening opportunity for self-reflection, made all the more meaningful by the guidance, skill and knowledge of Carrie Besko Garn.  She is gracious, patient, warm and very down to earth.  And, boy-oh-boy does she know her stuff.

I would highly recommend a tarot card reading with Carrie if you are interested in taking a moment to meaningfully and deeply reflect on your past, present and future with a consummate pro.”

-Smitty M.

“Being rather unfamiliar with tarot readings, I didn’t know what to anticipate about my first experience. Carrie took the time to give me some context and explain in a general sense how to think about tarot. Her gentle guidance comes with both wisdom and intuition, as she helps you see for yourself what is being revealed. It was a wonderful experience for me, and a lot to absorb at first, yet she offered follow up correspondence to expand on some things we’d talked about during the reading. I’m grateful for the time and energy Carrie put into this, yet it also seems to come so naturally to her that it is obvious she is meant for this work.”

-Candice A.


Carrie is insightful, refreshing and interesting to listen to. She said a lot of things that resonate with me recently and just taught me a lot I didn’t know about the cards. The reading felt clarifying, refreshing and nourishing.

-Jodie B.


“I have never had a reading before. I went into it thinking, this is going to be fun! Not long into the reading all the cards were spot on in my life. It was an eye-opening, spiritual experience. With the reading, I had the insight on the things that needed attention in my life.

It has guided me on a new path, and I feel more focused and content. Although readings can be fun! I also recommend taking them seriously.

Carrie is a beautiful gifted soul, gentle and caring. I’m so happy that I went to her, and I will again”


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