I was new to tarot cards, but felt compelled to try it. I’m so glad I did!

I was a little nervous, to be honest, but the whole experience was so gentle and un-hocus-pocus-y. I wondered if it would be spooky. It wasn’t. I wondered if it would be fortune telling. It wasn’t.

It was an eye-opening opportunity for self-reflection, made all the more meaningful by the guidance, skill and knowledge of Carrie Besko-Garn.  She is gracious, patient, warm and very down to earth.  And, boy-oh-boy does she know her stuff.

I would highly recommend a tarot card reading with Carrie if you are interested in taking a moment to meaningfully and deeply reflect on your past, present and future with a consummate pro.

Smitty M.

“Being rather unfamiliar with tarot readings, I didn’t know what to anticipate about my first experience. Carrie took the time to give me some context and explain in a general sense how to think about tarot. Her gentle guidance comes with both wisdom and intuition, as she helps you see for yourself what is being revealed. It was a wonderful experience for me, and a lot to absorb at first, yet she offered follow up correspondence to expand on some things we’d talked about during the reading. I’m grateful for the time and energy Carrie put into this, yet it also seems to come so naturally to her that it is obvious she is meant for this work.”

-Candice A.


Carrie is insightful, refreshing and interesting to listen to. She said a lot of things that resonate with me recently and just taught me a lot I didn’t know about the cards. The reading felt clarifying, refreshing and nourishing.

-Jodie B.


“I have never had a reading before. I went into it thinking, this is going to be fun! Not long into the reading all the cards were spot on in my life. It was an eye-opening, spiritual experience. With the reading, I had the insight on the things that needed attention in my life.

It has guided me on a new path, and I feel more focused and content. Although readings can be fun! I also recommend taking them seriously.

Carrie is a beautiful gifted soul, gentle and caring. I’m so happy that I went to her, and I will again”