1:1 Sessions

Thank you so much for inviting me to read for you.

There are two ways to work with me 1:1. One is through a single session where we will get an overview of what energies are at play in your life and where attention is needed. This will leave you with actionable steps to take with you.

The second way is with my four-session package. Often in single sessions, we uncover hidden challenges and discover new ways of honouring yourself and your boundaries. However, follow-up readings are the most effective way to keep you on track to reaching your personal goals and being accountable to yourself. Through these four sessions, we can do the deeper work that is necessary for long-term and sustainable transformation.

Do you find yourself at a crossroads and feel paralyzed and unable to take a step in any direction? Maybe you are tired of saying “yes” when you want to say “no.” How would it feel to put yourself first and feel calm saying “no thank you” more often, without overexplaining? How would it feel to interrupt addictive patterns and start making meaningful change in your life?

You don’t need to stay stuck. You deserve better, and my personalized sessions are a perfect place to start. I would be honoured to bear witness to your story and support you as you move forward in an empowered, self-affirmed way.

My priority is to create an inclusive, trauma-informed space where you can feel comfortable exploring a variety of themes in your life confidentially. I will ensure your comfort first and all questions and suggestions are invitational and meet you where you are at to see what would support you moving forward.

Path to your Truth: Single Session

We all know that our life’s path is full of twists and turns–some beautiful, some heartbreaking. There are times when we feel connected to our purpose, but often we sense that we are wandering aimlessly, filling our days with what we think we “should” be doing rather than following our heart. This reading is designed to bring you back to your personal truth and moving towards your purpose. We will take a look at shadows that are keeping you stuck in old patterns and allowing you to get in your own way. So often we can want something (a healthy relationship, a fresh career) with all of our heart and at the same time unknowingly block our chances of reaching it. During this session, we will explore the messages from the cards, themes that are coming up for you, and ways to navigate the challenges you are experiencing. I hold compassionate space and honour your story while looking at how you can be a stronger ally to and for yourself so that you can leave the session with more self-compassion and trust in yourself. This reading is customizable for your personal needs. Tarot cards act as a conduit to connect our energy and the universal energy that serves to help you write the future that you desire. This live conversation can be recorded via Zoom (optional) and sent to you with a photo of your cards as they appeared in the reading. Approx 60 mins.


Cultivation Package: Four Custom Sessions

In this robust, four-session series, we will identify where you are feeling stuck, where you might be repeating unhelpful patterns, and look at how you can move forward with more ease and certainty. With this package, you will receive four hour-long sessions (worth $640!) including email correspondence directly with me, and a gorgeous custom-made workbook PDF for you to track your action steps between sessions. Through this deep connection, we will explore any themes that come up in a container of safety, respect, and co-creation. I want you to leave our sessions with a sense of renewed playfulness and a re-ignited spark. You will learn to listen to your intuition when it matters most, and plant yourself on the path to your truth and living a purposeful life. We can space the sessions out in the most effective way for you to get the results you are looking for with me there to support and reflect your progress as well as at times of day that work best for you. Four 60 minute session via Zoom-recordings can be provided for you to return to at the completion of our time together in addition to a photo of your cards as they appeared in the reading. Approx. Four Hours + Ongoing Email Correspondence


“Carrie has an insightful and intuitive approach to her readings. I truly felt seen and like my reading was specific to me, not just an interpretation of card meanings and symbolic representations. She imparts a balance of nurturing encouragement and ‘real talk’ as she delivers the messages of each card and reveals the wisdom of the overall reading. I felt comfortable, connected and safely held throughout the session, even as we discussed challenges that I was ready to confront.

~ Vanessa Persephone Wells
Dark Hearts Healing Arts

Carrie is so incredibly insightful and intuitive. I’ve had several readings from her over the years, time and time again, she hits the nail on the head…she’s not only read on the cards but given me the tools I need to approach these issues and an incredible sense of ease and peace about the outcome. Carrie is one of the most down to earth, non judgmental and easy to talk to people you’ll ever meet. There is a kindness in her that is rare to find. Do yourself a favour and book a reading with her, you won’t be disappointed!

~ Tara Holdsworth

Carrie offers great wisdom, compassion, and knowledge as a reader. I felt safe and open to share with Carrie as she supported me throughout the session. Her expertise as a reader is phenomenal! Carrie is also fun to share space with and creates a joyful dynamic. My reading with Carrie felt like a soothing balm created with the utmost care and integrity. I feel a sense of relief and gratitude after this session! I would highly recommend Carrie as a reader!”

~ Fọlárànmí Afọláyan
7WatersHealing Arts

Questions about working together? Please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to connecting with you.