Book a Reading

Thank you so much for allowing me to read for you.

Upon booking, please contact me with a bit of information regarding your reason for the reading. This allows me to meditate on specifics and choose appropriate accompaniments (crystals, incense) prior to your reading. Readings can be conducted via email or live via video chat. Please specify your preference in your email.

Tarot Reading – Snapshot

In this 20 minute reading, we will glimpse at the energy surrounding you and the possible challenge lying under the surface. This is a great way to get “unstuck.”


Tarot Reading – Scene

Let’s take a deeper look at what needs to be addressed from the past, present, and future for personal healing and explore actionable steps moving forward. This reading takes approximately 45 minutes


Tarot Reading – Feature

Time to dig deep and untangle the energy around you and your current situation. This 60-minute reading includes a custom layout based on your query and follow-up notes to reflect back on.