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Tarot Reading – Falling Leaves

Falling LeavesAutumn is a wonderful time to examine that which no longer serves us. There is a saying: “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” This reading is inspired by this concept. We will look at what needs to be shed in order to grow and how to care for yourself and stay warm and nourished during the shorter and cooler days.

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Tarot Reading – Snapshot

Readings - Snapshot (1)

In this 20 minute reading, we will glimpse at the energy surrounding you and the possible challenge lying under the surface. This is a great way to dip your toes into tarot or troubleshoot a current challenge.

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Tarot Reading – Scene

Readings - Scene (1)Let’s take a deeper look at what needs to be addressed from the past, present, and future for personal healing and explore actionable steps moving forward. This reading takes approximately 45 minutes.

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Tarot Reading – Feature

Readings - FeatureTime to dig deep and untangle the energy around you and your current situation. This 60-minute reading includes a custom layout based on your query and follow-up notes to reflect back on.

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Tarot Reading – Open Your Heart

Open your heart (1)While you are likely amazing on your own, you may wish to share your wonderful self with a life partner that you have yet to find. This intensive reading will dig deep into the reasons that you may not be connecting with that other special individual. Often we unknowingly carry blocks from the past that prevent us from being open to a new relationship. In this reading, we will unpack those shadows that are preventing movement into the next chapter of your life. We will lay out ten or more tarot cards (plus one animal spirit message) and look at limiting beliefs, current challenges, as well as how to really lean into finding someone who will best compliment your unique gifts. You will leave this reading with new insights and actionable steps to move towards the healthy love you deserve.

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Tarot Reading – Get “Unstuck”

Get Unstuck (2)Sometimes we all find ourselves “spinning our wheels” and feeling like we don’t know which way to turn. This reading is my go-to for shifting energy and finding a way forward. If you are stuck in a rut, this is a great way to look at obstacles that are keeping you in a holding pattern, and what will help you regain forward momentum. This reading will leave you with a fresh perspective on your situation.

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Tarot Reading – Relationship Rx

Readings - Relationship Rx

This intensive reading is appropriate for all struggling partnerships whether they be personal, professional, or familial, as well as any other connection that needs to be examined. This reading is a deep, multi-faceted approach to any relationship that has experienced deterioration. We will look at what both of you bring to the relationship, what challenges each of you may carry, how you may heal your connection, and investigate strategies that will help you repair your relationship and develop healthy boundaries going forward. Ideally, both individuals will take part in this reading. This reading includes Animal Spirit messages for both parties.

Certain reading options have been eliminated from this reading as this information is most helpful in-person with follow-up notes.

Note: This reading requires the consent of both parties. If one partner does not wish to participate, I recommend that the seeker consider the Feature reading I offer which will acknowledge aspects of the relationship that you have influence in and empower you within your role in this partnership.

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