Tarot Reading – Get “Unstuck”

Sometimes we all find ourselves “spinning our wheels” and feeling like we don’t know which way to turn. This reading is my go-to for shifting energy and finding a way forward. If you are stuck in a rut, this is a great way to look at obstacles that are keeping you in a holding pattern, and what will help you regain forward momentum. This reading will leave you with a fresh perspective on your situation.



Falling Leaves – Video: Live Chat

Upon receiving your order, I will contact you and arrange a meeting where I will conduct the reading live for you. This reading will be delivered on Skype at the earliest date/time possible for both of us.



Falling Leaves – Video: Pre-recorded Reading

This tarot reading will be performed, recorded, and delivered to your email inbox within three days of your order.



Falling Leaves – Email Reading

This tarot reading will be performed by myself and notes on each card and position will be delivered to your inbox within 3 days of ordering this reading (approx. 800 words).



Get “Unstuck” – Phone: Live Chat

This reading will be performed live over the phone at your preferred number at the earliest date/time possible for both of us.