An Online Tarot Course for Souls Eager to Reawaken and Connect

Many people find the idea of trying to memorize 78 cards to be a daunting and overwhelming task (I certainly did). I have created a system that will break down the cards in a way that will take the strain out of learning tarot and help you feel confident no matter which card you are looking at.

With my system for learning tarot, my students will be supported in creating the necessary scaffolding on which to build their own tarot practice. They will no longer be drowning in resource saturation and will be empowered to use tarot as a tool for both large challenges and daily connection.

At the completion of this eight-week course, you will have everything you need to read tarot for yourself and others. 

This online course includes:

  • Eight modules containing several lessons each delivered to your inbox weekly.
  • Group meetings once a week via Zoom to discuss content and answer any questions.
  • Recordings of group sessions in case you are unable to attend live.
  • Workbooks and tarot journal prompts to enhance your learning experience.
  • Lifetime access to the course material so you can revisit whenever you like.
  • Gentle support from someone with over 20 years experience using the tarot.

Have you ever been curious about tarot but, like many people, assumed that one needs to identify as psychic, a medium, or intuitive? Not so! First, I would like to share that everyone is intuitive even if they don’t realize it and while intuition naturally becomes stronger while learning tarot, it isn’t a prerequisite.

Many people think of tarot as a “hobby” and miss the chance to meet themselves in 78 new and revealing ways! What if I shared that tarot has helped transform the lives of so many people and I am one of them? I have used tarot to untangle complex PTSD, move through a difficult recovery, become a stronger parent and partner, and stand in my own power and tarot can do the same for you!

Tarot has the potential to awaken our deepest truths. I believe that tarot is for everyone and I want to take years of devouring all of the tarot insights I could get my hands on and pare it down to the essentials. This course is a perfect scaffolding to build on with your own experience. I want to help people connect with their purpose, and to trust their inner knowing. I want to share the experience of coming home to yourself and embracing radical acceptance of all of the mess that comes with being human.

“She is gracious, patient, warm and very down to earth. And, boy-oh-boy does she know her stuff.”

Smitty M.