Have you ever been curious about tarot but, like many people, assumed that one needs to identify as psychic, a medium, or intuitive? Not so!

First, I would like to share that everyone is intuitive even if they don’t realize it, and while intuition naturally becomes stronger while learning tarot, it isn’t a prerequisite.

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Please note that no in-person classes or workshops are currently being offered.

Current Offerings


Payment plan available – $83/ month.

Tarot Essentials is designed to guide you towards your own personal tarot practice by using a clear, practical system for learning the traditional meanings of the cards. This allows you to create a strong scaffolding in which to build your own personal practice using your unique perspective.
Course Registration Reopens Autumn 2021


Payment plan available – $30/ month.

Embracing the Shadows is a self-guided journey through ten of the most misunderstood cards of the tarot. Whether you are new to tarot or a seasoned reader, there will be something in this course for you. I have included a brief introduction to tarot to ensure accessibility for new tarot students.
Course available now!

About your Instructor

My name is Carrie and I have been using tarot for myself and my loved ones for over 20 years.
I believe that tarot card readings are an act of self-care and deep personal reflection.

Throughout my life, I have navigated Complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. One of the most important tools that helped me through was tarot. My thoughts can become noisy and chaotic, and I find stillness and insight within the cards, whether reading for myself or others. I do not use the cards predictively. I aim to show you where your inherent power is so that you can write your own future from a place of deep inner-knowing.  

Tarot has the potential to awaken our deepest truths. I believe that tarot is for everyone and I want to take years of devouring all of the tarot insights I could get my hands on and pare it down to the essentials. This course is a perfect scaffolding to build on with your own experience. I want to help people connect with their purpose, and to trust their inner knowing. I want to share the experience of coming home to yourself and embracing radical acceptance of all of the mess that comes with being human.

This course is packed with so much informative and thought-provoking material which was insightfully organized and presented in a way I found very relatable. Carrie shares her knowledge and experience generously but also makes space and invites participants to explore and draw upon their own. What a gift it is to be guided to connect with our own intuition, and find the strength and resource that is within at present. I completely credit Carrie’s supportive guidance in helping me make a meaningful connection with Tarot practice.”

-Teresa Hiebert

“I was brand new to tarot when I took Reawaken. The class gave me a really good background on what tarot is and proper tools to learn. There are a lot of people offering to teach tarot out there and I just happen to be lucky enough to take Carrie’s class. She really knows the cards and has a holistic loving approach to her teaching. I found her very authentic in what she brought forward. I highly recommend her to others looking to learn tarot.”

-Cherie Savoie Tintary

“I really enjoyed the course and how Carrie presents the material in a grounded, genuine and kind way. The course is very detailed but the information is broken down into easily comprehendible sections. I also really love that I have ongoing access to the course even after it is completed. This has allowed me to go at my own pace and manage those interrupting, unexpected life events, then get back to the course when I can. The course is really well adapted to beginners, Tarot curious and even to those who want to read Tarot more professionally. I would highly recommend Reawaken with Carrie!”

-Catherine Dawn