Seven of Wands

7 of Wands

Please note that this series of interpretations is intended to assist specifically in personal healing and shadow work. There are many incredible websites that offer traditional meanings and correspondences. I am not a mental health professional; these are my personal reflections and experiences that I hope you will find helpful.

There are times for composure and there are times to engage. With the Seven of Wands, we are being called to be courageous. We have reached a position in our project where we may experience further conflict and are going to have to stand our ground. Because Wands are associated with the ego, our growing success may bring out shadowy aspects of those around us such as envy and resentment. They are aiming for the same goals we are, so be sure to stay a few steps ahead.

Rider-Waite Smith

Unfortunately, this opposition may come out of left field. This is well-represented in decks which illustrate an individual with mismatched shoes on, suggesting that this conflict came without warning (see image on left). Even the most articulate individuals may find themselves scrambling to defend their project. This may come at a time when you are on the cusp of giving up on this endeavor–don’t. If you can hang on and defend what you have worked so hard for, you are on the home stretch! Those of us who shine the brightest can be threatening to those who live in shadows.

How do you manage unforeseen challenges? Are you adaptable, or do you feel like you are trying to dance on ice? How can you develop your intuition in order to sense incoming turbulence? How can you prepare your footing in order to better support yourself when it hits?

“I think we each have a certain number of unnecessary apologies, which we willingly dish out before we realize it’s time to stand and fight. I may still have two or three left.”
― Joyce Rachelle

“We have to stand up for what we believe in, even when we might not be popular for it. Honesty starts with being ourselves, authentic and true to who we are and what we believe in, and that may not always be popular, but it will always let you follow your dreams and your heart.”

-Tabatha Coffey

Until our paths cross again…