What are tarot cards and what can I expect at a reading?

Tarot has been around for a very long time and originated as a parlor game. The cards touch on many archetypes that are prevalent in our own personalities as well as those around us. The symbology is rich with historical content and often provokes a specific insight for the querent in the reading.

I feel that my readings are comfortable and approachable. If we are meeting in person, we may share a cup of tea and have a chat to get a sense of your current situation before laying out the cards. If we are meeting online, we can share a “virtual” cup of tea and have a chat to get a feel for things before looking at the cards.

Tarot ShockNote: I do not view any of the tarot cards as inherently “negative” despite the sometimes dramatic imagery. Though some cards will indicate challenges ahead, I find peace in these cards as it is often something we felt brewing and can now view it out in the open. I don’t feel that fear should be associated with any readings.

Will a tarot reading conflict with my religious/spiritual belief system?

I do not believe that tarot conflicts with the beliefs of any religious system. While I approach tarot in a spiritual, but not religious manner, I also consider it a practical visual tool that is suitable for everyone. I respect your personal choice in this matter.

Is it ethical to charge for this service? Isn’t it a gift?

While I am grateful to be gifted with strong intuition and feel that it contributes greatly to my practice, I also value the decades of research and exploration I have done in my field. I work hard at my craft and devote a great deal of my time to growing my knowledge and skills and I am comfortable charging a fee for my time as a professional service provider.