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You are here for a reason. Perhaps you suspect that you are sleepwalking through your life, stuck on autopilot. Maybe you are looking for a way to gain clarity around a large decision. Perhaps you are curious about tarot but are not sure how to get started. 

You are a strong, resilient, creative, and intuitive person. Sometimes life throws off our internal compass and things get off-kilter. We “unlearn” how to listen to our inner voice and tarot is the perfect tool to help you return home to yourself. You have all of the answers inside of you and tarot will reflect them back to you. Anyone can learn how to use tarot in this way. 

Are you curious about how different life might look if you were to make changes today? Maybe you are content, but want to be excited to wake up every day and take in everything you have created. There was a time when I thought that was impossible for me. Enter: tarot.

My name is Carrie (she/her) and I have been using tarot for myself and my loved ones for 25 years and I am passionate about sharing this method of Embodied Tarot with others!

One of the things I love about working with tarot is connecting with people on a deeper level. When the cards are laid out, it creates a bridge of energy between myself and my client and allows us to dig deep even if we have just met.

I am passionate about co-creating safe spaces whether working one-on-one or in groups. When we feel held and seen, it allows us to unfold and become open to a new path in our lives.  Honoring each individual in the room is rooted in everything I do.

I believe that tarot card readings are an act of self-care and deep personal reflection. Throughout my life, I have navigated healing from C-PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. One of the most important tools that helped me through was tarot. My thoughts can become noisy and chaotic, and I find stillness and insight within the cards, whether reading for myself or others. I do not use the cards predictively. I aim to show you where your inherent power is so that you can write your own future from a place of deep inner-knowing. 

I believe I bring compassion, empathy, and gentle guidance to my clients. You can expect a listening ear and a practical, approachable reading from me.

I have been turning to tarot cards for myself, my family, and my friends for over 20 years and I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

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I am a guest on the land of the Leq’a:mel First Nations where I explore, play, and forage with my husband, son, and rescue pets. I am passionate about food sustainability and enthusiastically learning about harvesting wild edibles and medicinals to use in my home and practice.