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Time for a personal practice? I tend to laugh at the idea too.

Image of Carrie looking exhausted with no makeup and a lazy bun in her hair, on a couch win her holiday jammies on. In her lap is Myrtle,  a black and white cat, and her son laying against her. They are looking in the distance at the TV.

🥴 Weary, exhausted, full-time-jammies parent, I see you and I raise you homeschooling a 12-year-old when both of us are neurodivergent! If I’m lucky, some part of my day looks like this photo. Generally, it ends with me collapsing into bed and directly onto my Switch or into a scrolling black hole. Sound familiar?

Maybe you are looking for “me-time” that doesn’t involve a bottle of wine or more per night. Perhaps you long for meaning in your life, but who has time for that and where do you start? As a parent, alone time is precious and often rare, so it can put us into freeze mode when we get it. This is a breeding ground for unhealthy habits and anxiety. Maybe you aren’t even sure what your interests are anymore.

Parenting takes us away from our identities and often when we are out of the survival-mode of keeping a tiny human alive, we are someone different, and we don’t know what to do with that. Then, we can add the pressure of trying to find some kind of meaning in this often dizzying experience called life. Spiritual practice? Mindfulness? When?!

Tarot is for everyone, but there is something special about what it does for parents, sensitive folks and survivors. We tend to give so much of ourselves that there is nothing left for our own care. This is where unhealthy patterns and habits breed-hence the alcoholism and host of other ways I avoided discomfort. Tarot can lend a hand here-I promise.

I have taken all of the research, courses, books, and experience I have put together and carved out the most meaningful and fuss-free ways to connect my students with tarot and make it their own. I would love to spend 6-weeks showing you how to use tarot for boundaries, goal-setting, self-sovereignty, and finding your way home to who you are now.

I have created the course Embodied Tarot with all of us over-givers in mind. The material is accessible, does not take much time out of your week, and gives you the connection and accountability of weekly group calls to share what comes up for you in a supportive and inclusive container. This is your invitation to gift yourself the time and attention you so freely give to others.

Make sure you are on the waitlist to hear more about it:

Or for more information:

Spots are limited and when they are full, doors will close, so be sure to get on that waitlist or feel free to message me if you have any questions at all.

Talk to you soon!

Love Carrie

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