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Waitlist Open for Embodied Tarot

🎉 Waitlist is open for my brand-new complete tarot course and registration is coming in just 7 days (yes, I think of The Ring too)😉!

Make sure you are on the waitlist to hear more about it:

Or for more information:

Join me for 6-weeks of supportive, modern tarot approaches that will give you everything you need to use tarot for yourself and others using an inclusive, holistic, and trauma-sensitive framework.

What is Embodied Tarot?

Embodied Tarot is a 6-week online course guided by Carrie (that’s me), a teacher with over 25 years of experience with tarot. The term Embodied Tarot comes from my system for using the cards as a tool to navigate tough life situations where we might not have developed skills for: holding our boundaries, honouring our limits, and putting our own needs first. We will also learn to check in somatically on what our body is telling us. We survivors tend to give all of our attention to our brain chatter and exploring tarot in this holistic way is incredibly healing.

Spots are limited and when they are full, doors will close, so be sure to get on that waitlist or feel free to message me if you have any questions at all.

Talk to you soon!

Love Carrie

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