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Midweek Mindfulness: Page of Coins

Approx. Reading time 2.45 mins

In this beautiful depiction of the Page of Pentacles, we have the quote: “aut viam inveniam aut faciam” which translates from Latin to English as: ““I shall either find a way or make one.” Such is the spirit of this Page.

Pages embody youthful energy and provide a rich way to work with our inner children. The Page of Pentacles is endlessly curious in a grounded way. They want to know how things work and whether there is a better way forward.

In working with the energy of the Page of Pentacles/Coins, we might take some time to look at things as though it were the first time we are seeing them! Imagine the wonder and amazement at all of the moving parts of today’s innovations! We may use our kitchen mixer every day but do we ever stop to think about all of the steps that were taken to create this efficient machine?

As young ones, we often pose the question “why” after almost everything adults say. It comes from this inquisitiveness that is often discouraged by frazzled adults who may not know the answers. So, in time we stop asking, and with that, we stop wondering. What would it feel like to lean back into that level of curiosity? If you have a young one in your house, you might choose a day to answer every time they ask “why” or “how?” If you are not sharing your space with a little, this invitation is for you to pause and consider some of the things you do and imagine explaining them to a young person, or even someone from another planet. It sounds silly, but this can be such a fun activity. If you are someone who wears makeup, imagine explaining each step and what each product does. When you put a meal together, what makes you choose certain ingredients? If you have an animal companion in your home, what would it be like to explain their characteristics and adaptations to someone who had never seen one?

The idea is to spend some time noticing where you take things for granted. It is an activity that has the potential to create new ways of thinking and can even strengthen the connections in your brain. It is also a way to bring some gratitude into your day in a natural and authentic way.

Take a moment to look around you right now. Imagine you have just been dropped into this room, at this moment, and everything is brand new. What questions would you have? What items do not make sense without prior knowledge?

We can take this curiosity with us when we engage with people. Curiosity helps us to come from a place of non-judgment and helps reduce conflict. Instead of making assumptions about someone, we might ask questions. For instance, when someone makes a statement that is in direct contrast to our own belief systems, maybe it is something that they have not thought much about. By asking questions, not only do we make our interactions softer, we may just encourage folks to examine truths that cause harm to others. In this way, the Page of Pentacles can be a deeply transformational energy to invite in! Is the way forward the best for us, or shall we create a new way?

With love,

From the Antique Anatomy Tarot by Claire Goodchild

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