Journal Entries, Tarot

Mid-Week Mindfulness: The High Priestess

Image: La Papesse from the Sacred Sisterhood Tarot by Ashawnee Dubarry and Coni Curi featuring an individual with dark skin, with a head wrap topped with a crescent moon in a bowl of water. They are holding the Tora across their chest in their right hand . Two columns are on either side of them and there is fabric with golden pomegranates behind them.

That question you have been wrestling with-you already know the answer.

We often turn to others for clarification, and that can be a vital step in our journey, but what would it look like to fully trust your inner knowing? Tarot is such a valuable tool for self-inquiry as the cards serve as a metaphorical “third party” but they will always reflect the truth that we hold inside. No card does this better than the High Priestess.

This card serves as a reminder that while our truth can become muddled and can have layers of doubt laid upon it, it is there for us when we are ready. The powers that hunch over our society would shrivel and collapse if they were faced with a populous that was steadfastly self-assured and did not allow campaigns of fear and scarcity affect our every decision. There is a large investment in keeping us in a state of self-doubt. This is important to remember when we are facing situations that require us to really listen to that quiet voice of intuition. We all have one! Even folx who don’t consider themselves to be intuitive hold the same vital information that all of us do-they just need practice.
To work with High Priestess energy is to work with our most intimate capacity for self-trust. For many of us, who had our relationship-to self-fragmented as children through trauma and unmet needs, this can feel startling, overwhelming, and even dangerous. This is where the High Priestess holds us close and allows us to unfold within a container of safety. They remind us consistently, but gently, that we hold the key to everything we are meant for in this life. We hold the answers, the guidance, and the map.

Some of the ways we can connect with this inner knowing is through meditation, pathworking, silence, writing, sleeping (dreaming), and most of all listening. Our brain chemistry tends to yell over everything else, and learning to honour the work our brain does to keep us alive while inviting in the quiet messages that our subconscious has for us is where the medicine lies. There is no wrong way to do this-only the way that works best for you.

Every time we come home to ourselves when we have stayed from our convictions, every time we say “no” to something that doesn’t serve us, and every time we remember that we are the best source of our truth, we embody High Priestess energy. We never lose this gift-they are with us every step of the way. All we have to do is listen.

Until our paths cross again,


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