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Mid-Week Mindfulness: Eight of Wands

I am so grateful for Jeremy Hush’s reimagining of this card. Traditionally, this card is all about creative vision, swiftness, progress, and energy. That is all wonderful…except if you want this card to serve as a waypost. How often do you face the day with a feeling of rocket-fueled inspiration? If so, that is amazing! It is not, however, a common human experience. With each one of the 78 cards, I make it my priority to ensure that all card meanings are universally helpful and serve everyone. So while this idea of being swept away in creative bliss sounds wonderful, it is only one way of experiencing this energy, which brings me back to my gratitude for this particular art.

The individual in this image does not seem remotely concerned with urgency. In fact, they are quite peaceful in repose as nature moves on around them. No doubt there is probably motion of all kinds surrounding them, but it is not changing their experience or their pace.

The suit of Wands is fire-based and while it does have to do with what we are most passionate about, what would that look like without the capitalist indoctrination? Can we deeply care about what we are putting out in the world, while still recognizing that we do not have the capacity to designate energy to it right now? Of course! Pushing through when we know we are at our limit in an attempt to stay relevant, or even in our purest desire to help is unnatural and will inevitably lead to a miserable crash. Our unique medicine is special because it is finite. We are allowed to allocate it how and when works for us and this will fluctuate over time as it should. Healers and deep-feelers often have to learn this the hard way, so use this card as an invitation to look at the offerings you put into the world and assess if you are doing this in a resourced, or a frantic manner. Your gifts and love for your life’s work will not shrink with rest-but they will dull with overexertion.

Until our paths cross again,


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