Journal Entries, Tarot

Mid-Week Mindfulness: Seven of Cups

Daydreaming is something that we often “unlearn” in adulthood. We are taught to “keep our feet on the ground” and often give up on our aspirations. While there is some truth in being realistic while pursuing our goals, there is rich medicine in allowing our minds to wander to “what ifs.”

This card invites us to imagine a different life, a different career, or a different way of being in the world, but also advises us to look closely at what we are aspiring to. If you notice, in this traditional Rider-Waite Smith card seen here, some of the images in the cups are translucent. This can reflect the “grass is greener” mentality we are all vulnerable to, especially when we are envisioning change. As we allow ourselves to sip from the outside of the limits we, and likely society, have placed on ourselves, we must also check in with our inner knowing before making abrupt change. If there are things in our lives that are not working, is that because of the situation, or have we been disinterested and apathetic? There is no wrong answer here-simply observation.

The Cups represent our emotional realm, and one that is particularly vulnerable to the repercussions of stagnation. I invite you to indulge in the luxurious, limitless, and exciting possibilities that you can bring to mind, and imagine embodying these new personas or lifestyles. How can you welcome some of these practices into your life without completely overturning everything? Are there introductory classes to something you have always wanted to learn? Could you use a change of scenery with your partner? Is there a new way of cooking that you have always been curious about? This is your nudge.

Until our paths cross again,


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