Full Moon Reading–July 4th 2020

The Ostara Tarot
The Ostara Tarot by Applejohn, Cooke, Gibbard, and Iredale

This month, our full moon is in Capricorn and we will experience the final lunar eclipse of Summer. This is a Buck Moon which refers to when male deer grow their antlers. In tarot symbolism, antlers and horns remind us of our connection to the divine, to higher consciousness. This full moon will be amplified by the eclipse, so the energy at this time will focus on our truth and the relationships and situations that no longer serve us.

I drew each of these cards to represent the energy around specific weeks of this moon cycle, but it quickly became clear that the cards were tying together a beautiful narrative. It goes something like this:

This is a month to dive deep, I mean really deep, into self-love and unflinching, radical self-acceptance. We may begin the moon cycle by investigating some self-limiting beliefs as represented in the 8 of Swords. This is where we kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and realize that we have unique gifts that other people need. Step out of the cycle of self-doubt before the last chapter of the Swords suit plays out: insomnia, anxiety, etc. Know that you may be blind to the way out of this thought pattern so it will take some courage to move away from it.

While many of the cards in this spread traditionally point to a new, satisfying relationship, I tend to approach the cards with the philosophy of the wonderful Lindsay Mack who asserts that each of the cards in the tarot HAS to apply to EVERYBODY or it doesn’t apply to anybody. What this means is that if we look at the Two of Cups and The Lovers as cards suggesting a new relationship, how does that work for people in a committed, monogamous relationship? How does it apply to someone who is single with no desire to partner up? There are so many variations of these examples that I find it much more helpful to explore ways that we can love and unite parts of ourselves in order to be of service to our loved ones and our communities. When we learn to accept and celebrate what we previously deemed undesirable we become a more integrated person and for those looking for a partner, you will naturally attract healthier matches.

Some refer to this as raising your vibration, the law of attraction and many other new-age terms, but I think of it as fine-tuning your bullshit filter. When you hold yourself up and unlearn all of the critical narratives that have been forced on you, anyone who comes into your life with unhealthy intentions is likely to be scared off. As we see in the Ten of Cups, which came up as our meditation card for the month, it is our birthright to feel whole and celebrated. For you, if this is finding a life-long companion, great! If you are already in a committed relationship, this could mean getting to know each other in new and fulfilling ways. If you prefer to be on your own, this is a time to fully envelope yourself in rich, loving kindness and rejoice in the freedom that comes from not answering to anyone.

I truly hope this was helpful and I look forward to connecting with you during the next full moon. As always, feel free to contact me with thoughts and questions.

Until our paths cross again…

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