20 – Judgement

20 - Judgement

Please note that this series of interpretations is intended to assist specifically in personal healing and shadow work. There are many incredible websites that offer traditional meanings and correspondences. I am not a mental health professional; these are my personal reflections and experiences that I hope you will find helpful.

The Judgement card represents a spiritual awakening and a call to action. Where cards like The High Priestess have allowed us to lean into our intuition, Judgement shakes us out of inertia and asks that we step forward with the knowledge of who we were meant to be! This will require a blend of logic and intuition but what a wonderful place to find ourselves! We know what we are meant to do and how we are meant to serve and are ready to take steps to get there. Through our journey, we have learned from past experiences, good and bad, and are ready to apply these lessons moving forward. There is often an image of the angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet suggesting that we will not be able to ignore this call.

This card also tells us that we are in a period of good and sound judgement. We might be in the middle of a large decision and when this card shows up we know that we are in a good state of mind to make a wise choice.

This card does not refer to judgement in the sense of choice and legal matters but reflects the idea of Judgement Day in Christianity. In the Druidcraft Tarot, this card is known as “Rebirth,” which might be a better fit. The truth is, we can decide when we want to reinvent ourselves. We can acknowledge ways of thinking, spiritual paths, and relationships that no longer work for us and release them. With this, we gain a new understanding of ourselves and gain freedom from things that are holding us back.

Maybe this card is urging you to take stock of how you spend your days. Are there habits or belief systems that you adopted early in life but that no longer align with your values? Are there patterns that you have fallen into that are not contributing to the healthiest version of yourself? Perhaps you can write a list of things that you would like to let go of. You may wish to destroy this list. Releasing things into fire (safely) can be incredibly satisfying! Imagine yourself as a phoenix rising from the flames. It is never too late for a fresh start!

“She remembered who she was
and the game changed.”
― Lalah Delia

“I actually plan to mess up my life and start over every seven years. That way, I’ll never get in a rut. I read somewhere that most of your cells only live about seven years anyway, so in theory you literally are a new person; I figure that’s the best time to start over.”
― Jody Gehrman

Until our paths cross again…






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