05 – The Hierophant

05 - the hierophant

Please note that this series of interpretations is intended to assist specifically in personal healing and shadow work. There are many incredible websites that offer traditional meanings and correspondences. 

The Hierophant is generally not favoured amongst readers for a few reasons: many tarot readers are non-comformists; many of us have eclectic spiritual interests–often Witchcraft or Wicca (which doesn’t necessarily jive with the religious connotation of this card); and many of us have strayed from long-standing family traditions. The Hierophant represents all of these things.

The Hierophant also embodies mentorship and higher understanding. When this card pops up it may be prompting you to seek a teacher who excels in your interests, or it may suggest that you are ready to offer mentorship to someone else. The wisdom associated with this card is related to accepted practices rather than intuitive exploration such as with The High Priestess.

In regards to healing, what is your response to the word “conformity?” Do you tense up and recoil, or do you relax? Are you indifferent? Why do you think this is? As with The Emperor, this card may trigger your feelings about authority figures. Have you experienced any negative or positive interactions or relationships with religious figures? How might that influence you in subconscious ways?

It may be helpful to journal about at least one person in your life who has led or inspired you to new and/or higher understanding. This might also be a wonderful opportunity to do a thought cloud or free-write about areas that you may be able to offer mentorship to someone else. It can be really self-affirming to see a list of all of the skills you have accumulated.

Another exciting thing to consider with this card is your ancestors and heritage. What kinds of traditions did they uphold? Do any of those traditions resonate with you? If your familial elders are no longer living, is there someone else who may be willing to share this knowledge? Tradition and convention have their place and may offer something fresh to enrich your practice!


2 thoughts on “05 – The Hierophant”

  1. Interesting. I have always understood it as a learning and teaching card and not about conformity but perhaps that is the non-conformist in me interpreting. I have always liked the card because I have understood it to mean we learn when we teach, learn from our learners and as someone who is a teacher/mentor in many aspects of my life, and as a person who enjoys my own mentors and teachers this is a favourite card. The family aspect I have never understand to be rigid or about conformity but then again my family isn’t traditional. I have always understood it to mean being true to one’s self and values and practicality which of course includes organizations and systems but not the need to conform but to do what is right within those systems. using our intuition and values but being practical at the same time. And most of us grew up in families and working with/around/through all that involves. I will have to think about it from a bit of a different perspective and see how that fits for me when next that card comes up.


    1. This is a wonderful interpretation and one that is incredibly positive! That is what I love about Tarot is that each of our unique perspectives and intuition helps to shape our view of the cards. Thank you so much for sharing this perspective, I will also be mindful of it the next time it pops up 🙂


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