78 Ways to Heal with Tarot


I have been using the tarot for personal healing and guidance for over 20 years. I feel that each of the cards carries a valuable gift that can help us find our way to our truth and gently heal the parts of ourselves that we have hidden in the shadows.

Each week I will examine one card, in the traditional order, and share my thoughts and suggestions on how to integrate the tarot in your healing and/or shadow work journey.

These interpretations are based on my personal interactions with the cards, so take what is helpful and keep in mind that you are the author of your own story-no one else has that power. I can only hope to be one resource of many in your journey to self-actualization. 

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  1. m.m.t. says:

    i am in LOVE with this entire series. it’s been so powerful and i feel like i always see/read just what i need in that moment. blessed be!

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    1. I can’t tell you how much that means to me! I am deeply grateful that it has been helpful. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment too! Blessed be!

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