02 – The High Priestess

02 - The High Priestess

Have you ever ignored a gut feeling only to discover how valuable that warning was?

The High Priestess embodies the very fabric of our intuition. She represents our dreams, our secrets, and the darker aspects of our personality. She helps shed light on patterns which may not be in our own best interest.

She may manifest as a strong desire to expand your spiritual life, such as a sudden interest in the occult or the inclination to explore the powerful messages in your dreams.

The High Priestess carries the same wisdom as the crone archetype and leads us to our inner world, illuminating the path to our destiny. Although her energy is feminine and passive, this aspect can be present in the whole spectrum of gender and non-binary associations. It is a suggestion to trust in our own inner knowing.

Consider a time in your life when you ignored that inner voice. Was this followed by a difficult lesson? Have you ever followed that inner voice despite reason? If so, where did it guide you? Often we dismiss this important, but sometimes neglected part of ourselves.

Learning to trust and nurture our inner guidance is a practice–a muscle that needs strengthening. Meditation can be a helpful tool for this inner work. If you struggle with meditation, you may want to try a guided meditation such as this one.

While on your self-care and healing journey, allow time to meet and embrace this vital part of yourself.


01 – The Magician

Do you realize that you have all of the tools you need to begin your own healing? Often we look everywhere but inside to see what is missing, to see what is broken, to see what has been lost. If we are not kind to ourselves and at peace with our own company, we will never be able to find that through someone or something else. 

The Magician embodies our ego and our sense of self. With one arm raised and one pointing towards the earth, he reminds us: “As above, so  below” but perhaps on our healing journeys, we can consider: “As inner peace is found, outer peace can be discovered.” Can we recognize that if we were to find somebody, something, or some way to “fix” what is hurting inside of us, it would only be temporary as no one has that power to heal ourselves but us?

The Magician brings us raw energy and the capacity to move forward. He represents the will, so although you have all of the resources you need, you must have the intent to use the skills at your disposal. Harness these internal gifts and set your intention. What do you really want? Remember: you are so much stronger than you realize.

When was the last time you felt fully equipped to deal with what you had been handed? Is there a time when you were tempted to crumble under pressure but instead took a moment to recalibrate and stand in your power? Try journaling about both ends of the spectrum–a time when you felt powerless and a time when you found your strength. What was different about the time you were able to get your legs under you? How can you carry that with you to be better prepared next time life throws you a sucker punch?

While you are pondering this, consider this Buddhist quote: 

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

0–The Fool

Society doesn’t often refer to someone as a fool in a complementary fashion. In fact, being seen as foolish could easily be one of the main things we spend our lives trying to avoid. Why is this? 

In fact, if we look at things differently, being foolish can be quite freeing. Once we have surrendered to the fact that humans are quite ridiculous creatures all things considered, why not allow ourselves to slip the leash of normalcy once in a while? If we are not hurting anyone, there may be growth in foolishness.

When was the last time you truly felt foolish? What was it that made you feel that way? Was it the perceived response of those around you, or was it your own attitudes about the way you were acting? Is it truly foolish to take a risk without having a guaranteed outcome, or is the very essence of life to do so? Take some time to journal these questions and see if you can lessen the grip of this fear on you. 

The Fool reminds us that in order to fully experience life we must be willing to adjust our adult glasses and be able to see things as we did in our childhood. This card invites us to be open to new experiences, even when they feel like a blind step off of a steep cliff. 

78 Ways to Heal with Tarot

I have been using the tarot for personal healing and guidance for over 20 years. I feel that each of the cards carries a valuable gift that can help us find our way to our truth and gently heal the parts of ourselves that we have hidden in the shadows.

Each week I will examine one card, in the traditional order, and share my thoughts and suggestions on how to integrate the tarot in your healing and/or shadow work journey.

These interpretations are based on my personal interactions with the cards, so take what is helpful and keep in mind that you are the author of your own story-no one else has that power. I can only hope to be one resource of many in your journey to self-actualization.