1:1 Tarot Sessions

Thank you so much for inviting me to read for you.

My readings come from a deep desire to help and share what I have learned as I continue on a healing journey myself.

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My sessions are designed to provide a space where you can feel comfortable exploring a variety of themes in your life. They are a mix of listening to where you are at, checking in with the cards, and sharing options for you to explore.

I honour every interaction and provide gentle guidance and intuitive support. Whether you would like a brief check-in reading, or are ready to deepen your healing journey, I am happy to be here for you.

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Readings can be conducted via email, phone, or live video chat.

Healing your Roots Tarot Reading

This is an intense, deep dive into the shadows that are casting shade on aspects of your life, and where deep healing is asking for your attention. We will look at how to focus on your unique gifts, and hone in on where you will best move toward your higher purpose. This live conversation will be recorded via zoom and sent to you with a written summary provided by me. Approx 60-90 minutes + follow-up time and summary notes.


Reawaken Tarot Reading

Are you concerned that you are sleepwalking through your life? Does it feel like you might be stuck on auto-pilot? This reading will dig in and discover where you have been coasting on fumes and missing out on your true purpose and the path you are meant to take. We will explore what needs to be shed in order to proceed as well as the best, rich fertilizer to care for the future you wish to create. Approximately 60 mins.


Check-in Tarot Reading

This reading is perfect for folx who aren’t sure what they are looking for and would be interested in looking at the energies around them currently. We can tailor this reading to address a specific concern, or keep it general. Approx. 30 mins.


Reading for Frances

This is a very special reading that can be tailored to meet any area(s) of your life that you would like to examine. Proceeds from this reading go to my dear friend Frances who is asking for support to carry on living. This is a photo of Fran with her beautiful 12-year-old daughter. Read Fran’s story here: https://bit.ly/3hwkqzN Approx 60-90 minutes + follow-up time and summary notes. A recording of your reading with notes will be sent to you within 24 hours. Please feel free to donate whatever you can directly at the link above.


“Carrie has an insightful and intuitive approach to her readings. I truly felt seen and like my reading was specific to me, not just an interpretation of card meanings and symbolic representations. She imparts a balance of nurturing encouragement and ‘real talk’ as she delivers the messages of each card and reveals the wisdom of the overall reading. I felt comfortable, connected and safely held throughout the session, even as we discussed challenges that I was ready to confront.

-Vanessa Persephone Wells,
Founder/ Head Witch in-charge at
Dark Hearts Healing Arts

I look forward to connecting with you.