1:1 Tarot Sessions

Thank you so much for inviting me to read for you.

My private sessions are designed to provide a space where you can feel comfortable exploring a variety of themes in your life. They are a mix of listening to where you are at, checking in with the cards, and sharing options for you to explore.

I honour every interaction and provide gentle guidance and intuitive support. Whether you are unsure where to start or are ready to deepen your healing journey, I am happy to be here for you.

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Readings can be conducted via email, phone, or live video chat.

Intensive Tarot Session

This reading is a deep-dive into shadows that are keeping you stuck in old patterns, and where you may be unknowingly getting in your own way. So often we can want something will all of our heart and at the same time unknowingly block our chances of reaching it. During my sessions, I hold compassionate space and honour your story while exploring invitations on how you can be a stronger ally to and for yourself. We will look at how to move forward with self-compassion in a grounded and self-assured way. This reading is customizable for your personal needs. Tarot cards act as a conduit to connect our energy and the universal energy that serves to help you write the future that you desire. This live conversation will be recorded via zoom and sent to you with a photo of your cards as they appeared in the reading. Approx 80 minutes


Reawaken Tarot Reading

Are you concerned that you are sleepwalking through your life? Does it feel like you might be stuck on auto-pilot? This reading will dig in and discover where you have been coasting on fumes and missing out on your true purpose and the path you are meant to take. Approximately 60 mins.


Check-in Tarot Reading

This reading is perfect for folx who aren’t sure what they are looking for and would be interested in a general reading to help them get a sense of the energy currently at play in their lives and where they are being invited to make change or take action. This reading will be recorded and sent to you along with a photo of the cards as they appeared in the reading.


“Carrie has an insightful and intuitive approach to her readings. I truly felt seen and like my reading was specific to me, not just an interpretation of card meanings and symbolic representations. She imparts a balance of nurturing encouragement and ‘real talk’ as she delivers the messages of each card and reveals the wisdom of the overall reading. I felt comfortable, connected and safely held throughout the session, even as we discussed challenges that I was ready to confront.
-Vanessa Persephone Wells,
Founder/ Head Witch in-charge at
Dark Hearts Healing Arts

I look forward to connecting with you.

“Being rather unfamiliar with tarot readings, I didn’t know what to anticipate about my first experience. Carrie took the time to give me some context and explain in a general sense how to think about tarot. Her gentle guidance comes with both wisdom and intuition, as she helps you see for yourself what is being revealed. It was a wonderful experience for me, and a lot to absorb at first, yet she offered follow up correspondence to expand on some things we’d talked about during the reading. I’m grateful for the time and energy Carrie put into this, yet it also seems to come so naturally to her that it is obvious she is meant for this work.”

Candice A.

“I have never had a reading before. I went into it thinking, this is going to be fun! Not long into the reading all the cards were spot on in my life. It was an eye opening, spiritual experience. With the reading, I had the insight on the things that needed attention in my life.

It has guided me on a new path, and I feel more focused and content. Although readings can be fun! I also recommend taking them seriously.

Carrie is a beautiful gifted soul, gentle and caring. I’m so happy that I went to her, and I will again”